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Glass Sink, Glass Vessel Sink, Glass Bathroom Sink


Frequently Asked Questions

Just how durable is a blown glass sink anyway?

    To date (2015) we have yet to have a sink break during shipping, installation or normal use. It is wise, however, not to install a medicine cabinet, vanity, etc., directly above your glass vessel sink. Most common causes of breakage are actually due to improper installation. Normal everyday items used in a bathroom such as toothbrushes, small jewelry, plastic cups etc.,should not scratch or break a glass sink.

What is the difference between a "Vessel", a "Drop In", an "Over Mount" and an "Under Mount"?

    "Vessel Sinks" - Sinks that sit on top of a surface. They can also be pedestal mounted, half mounted or they can function as a "Drop In".

    "Drop In/Partial Mount Sinks" - are usually set into a pre-cut counter top either partially or completely.
    "Over Mount Sinks", also referred to as "Rimmed Sinks", are designed to be "set in" to the counter top.

    "Under Mounted Sinks" - are for mounting beneath your counter top surface.


Glass Sink, Glass Vessel Sink, Glass Bathroom Sink


3 Styles


Flared Edge Style
Vessel / Over Mount/Rimmed / Under Mount / Drop In
Partial Drop In
Blown Glass Sink

Blown Glass Sink - Glass Bathroom Sink - Glass Vessel Sink
Classical Style
Vessel / Partial Drop In
Glass Bathroom Sink


Blown Glass Sink - Glass Bathroom Sink - Glass Vessel Sink
Contemporary Style
Vessel / Over Mount/Rimmed / Drop In
Glass Vessel Sink


Are blown glass sinks easy to install?

Most anyone with some basic plumbing skills can install a glass sink, however, it is always easier to hire a plumber, they may save you
some wear and tear on your nerves. Also, blown glass sinks should be hand tightened only.

Drain Assemblies

Drain assemblies must be of a type that do not hold water and must be hand-tightened only. (Strainer Drain Assembly)

Tighten just until the silicone sealer begins to ooze out. Do not over tighten. Use silicone instead of plumbers putty to seal.

  • We recommend crystal-clear silicone or polyurethane sealers.

  • A silicone seal should be used between the sink and counter.

• Strainer Drain Assembly (aka Continuous Outlet Grid Strainer) - Allows for continuous water flow.

• Lift and Turn Assembly - For those that want the ability to fill up their glass sinks with water, Alchemy offers a Lift and Turn drain assembly as an alternative to the Strainer Drain. Please note that White Elk's Visions sinks do not have overflows and most municipal codes require unstoppable drains for this type of installation.



Glass Sink, Glass Vessel Sink, Blown Glass Sink

We highly recommend hardware/faucets and Strainer-type drains from:

R - N - R Supply - 970-493-1225
  "Tell them "White Elk" sent you"


Over 200 years of combined construction experience.
Will ship UPS anywhere in the U.S.


Brasstech Part #3211
No Overflow Flat Strainer Plate Drain

  • Flat Strainer Plate

  • Fits standard 1 1/2" opening (hole is 1 5/8")
  • No overflow holes
  • Comes in a wide variety of finishes

Helpful Installation Links

Although not specific to glass sink installation, this is an informative link containing general plumbing and sink installation information. There are some obvious modifications that would need to be made with your blown glass sink, ie: planning for wall mounted faucet pipes, etc., but I thought this link might prove helpful. (Again, we highly recommend hiring a plumber, but for those determined "do it yourselfers", here's a little more info:

General info from "Home Tips" on installing a variety of sink types

Glass Sink, Glass Vessel Sink, Blown Glass Sink


What about illuminating my blown glass sink?

There is just nothing more beautiful than a handcrafted piece of art glass which has been illuminated by light. Lighting will allow your glass sink to be a beautiful centerpiece for your powder room or bath. Experiment with a moveable light to decide which is best, illuminating from the top, or underneath, or both. Either way you are sure to receive a most stunning result!


How should I care for/clean my blown glass sink?

To avoid scratching, scouring or dulling the glossy surface of the glass:

  • Use a soft cloth with soap and/or water, glass cleaner, or any other non-abrasive cleaner.

  • A mixture of vinegar and water will help to remove hard water spots.

  • Do not use 'Brillo' pads, scouring powders, or anything at all abrasive

    What are the Do's and Dont's in caring for my Glass Sink:

  • Glass sinks are a lot more durable than you might think, but certain precautions must be taken. If a glass sink is chipped, cracked or broken, it cannot be repaired or "fixed like new." It must be replaced.

  • To minimize the risk of damage, avoid placing a shelf or medicine cabinet above a glass sink.

  • Do not install or store a glass sink where indoor temperatures are unregulated (such as during new construction). Wide variances in temperatures may cause breakage as a result of thermal shock.

  • Do not allow temperature changes of greater than 70 degrees F between temperature of glass sink and water. All glass sinks are susceptible to thermal shock. To prevent cracking, set your water heater to a temperature between 120 and 130 degrees F.

  • Do not allow the glass vessel sink to come in contact with steel or other glass objects which could scratch or chip the surface.

  • Do not pour boiling water directly into the glass vessel sink. Doing so may cause the sink to crack or shatter.

  • Do not allow extremely hot water to flow into the glass vessel sink. If it is too hot to the touch it could crack the glass.

  • Do wipe the glass bathroom sink dry, inside and out, after every use to prevent water spots. If you get water spots, use a mixture of vinegar and water to remove them. Never use anything abrasive on your glass sink.



Glass Sink, Glass Vessel Sink, Blown Glass Sink



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