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"We cannot hold a torch to light another's path without brightening our own"

~Ben Sweetland



Glass Chandelier, Glass Sculpture, Blown Glass Chandelier, Contemporary Chandelier, Hanging Chandelier, Blown Glass Pendant Lighting

Glass Chandelier / Glass Sculptures /
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What exactly is the process for ordering one of these beautiful glass chandeliers?

We determine your glass chandelier needs through emails and/or phone conversations. There are a number of variables to consider when ordering your chandelier, ie,

~ What is the room size where the glass chandelier will "shine"?

~ Is this new construction or a remodel?

~ Desired glass chandelier size (average requested size is approximately 2' wide by 3' height, however the sky is the limit as to size)

~ Do you want the glass chandelier lit internally or externally or both? As a rule, internally lit glass chandeliers are a bit more expensive.

~ We recommend external lighting as a must, internal lighting is really a matter of personal preference and is not absolutely necessary.

~ Are you planning for your glass chandelier to be used as a primary light source, or are you planning to display your chandelier as a "glass sculpture" with just the appropriate amount of external lighting necessary to make your chandelier "Shine & Pop"?

~ How much lighting should we plan for an internally lit glass chandelier, ie: number of bulbs, wattage etc.

~ We highly recommend using a dimmer switch to provide a variety of mood lighting with your chandelier.

~ Colors to be used for your glass chandelier:

~ Lighter colors work well when lit internally and/or externally. Light passes through the lighter colors best, allowing for the most illumination.

~ Darker colors will be both striking and dramatic when lit externally. You can light dark colors internally as well, and it will be most beautiful and illuminating, however, do not expect as much room illumination when using dark colors.

Once all the details are decided, we will write your order and put you into our schedule. We require a 10% deposit at the time of the order, with the balance due when we begin creating your beautiful chandelier.


What is the approximate time frame from order to delivery?

~ We prefer a time table of 12 weeks or more, however, we realize there are times when our customers are in a time crunch. We try to keep small pockets open in our schedule for urgent orders. If your order is of a time sensitive nature, be sure and discuss that with us and we'll see if we can work the order in sooner; this is often possible, but not always, so please, do not hesitate to let us know your needs.

About how much does a chandelier weigh?

~ We recommend the ceiling beam be strong enough to support anywhere from 250lbs to 400 lbs depending on the size of the chandelier.

What is the difference between "Externally Lit" and "Internally Lit"?

~ Internally Lit: We build a cage and assemble all the lighting and hardware on the inside of the cage. We then provide all the hardware and light bulbs. The pieces completely cover both cage and hardware. The lighting then shines from behind the pieces and out through the pieces.

~ Externally Lit: The glass chandelier is assembled on a very, very strong chain which is suspended from the ceiling. All lighting is directed "onto" the piece from an external source, ie: tracking lighting, monorail lighting, etc. The customer would be responsible for providing all external lighting.

~ We highly recommend at the very least choosing external lighting. Using both external and internal lighting is always very, very nice as well.

Choosing lighting for an externally lit chandelier

~ There are many, many companies to work with to choose your track and/or spot lighting needs for an externally lit glass chandelier. We have worked with the following companies with much success, so we will provide a link to them as a starting point for your research. We also recommend you confer with your electrician and/or utilize the web.
Lighting Solutions for Home and Business.

Solux Lighting
Hands down the best light bulbs for glass, period. For externally lighting, we highly recommend Solux lighting. Solux is a patented light source that provides an unparalleled replication of the daylight spectrum. Solux has been tested, approved, and recommended by the worlds most exacting color experts in various disciplines ranging from museum lighting, light therapy, photography and digital color proofing.

Glass Chandelier, Glass Sculpture, Blown Glass Chandelier, Contemporary Chandelier, Hanging Chandelier, Blown Glass Pendant Lighting

Changing the light bulbs for an internally lit chandelier?

~ The internally lit chandelier uses a cage. Inside the cage is a hook which is attached to a loop which has all your lighting hardware, bulbs, etc. You simply unhook the loop and pull out the lighting strip, you can then easily change any bulbs that should need replacing.

Cleaning your beautiful chandelier?

~ We recommend using a chandelier glass cleaner. There are several on the market. The process is quite simple. You place newspaper on the floor beneath the chandelier and spray the entire chandelier with the cleaner. The grime and dirt then drips onto the floor and the pieces dry sparkly clean! You can try either of these two products we've found on line, or perhaps you may find one on your own.

Antiquax Chandelier Glass Cleaner

Hagerty Chandelier Glass Cleaner

~ Also, for larger chandeliers, we recommend a "Light Lift". This lift will lower and raise your chandelier with the press of a button. The lift is installed by your contractor, and the chandelier attaches to the lift. For ease of changing bulbs and cleaning, it is an excellent investment for the larger chandeliers. We highly recommend the "Aladdin Light Lift".

Aladdin Light Lift

Glass Chandelier, Glass Sculpture, Blown Glass Chandelier, Contemporary Chandelier, Hanging Chandelier, Blown Glass Pendant Lighting


~ Your beautiful chandelier will be created, assembled and photographed for you in our studio. The pieces are then disassembled, clearly labeled for reassembly, and then carefully bubble wrapped and individually packed. The entire group of pieces, along with a detailed and easy to follow set of instructions for reassembly, are then freighted to your location.

~ The customer is responsible for the cost of shipping. We do our best to provide the best shipping and handling rates. We do not mark up any of our packaging products, ie: bubble wrap, boxes, etc., and pass on any savings on those products directly to our customers. All art work is shipped insured, and usually freighted with a company such as DSL, Fed X, Bax Global, etc., depending on who has the best rate for the size and destination at the time of shipping.

What about breakage?
~We have an outstanding shipping department and breakage is historically minimal. We use a local freighting company who takes our carefully packed pieces and builds a beautiful crate for them. They are then usually shipped via a pallete to minimize breakage. In addition, we normally add in an extra piece or two in the even of breakage, again, very rare. Should you need a piece replaced, we would certainly take good care of you.

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