Hand Blown Glass from

White Elk's Visions
in Glass


"Zen- is the practice of becoming stable
in your spiritual beliefs..."

~ White Elk





"Sacred Rainbow"


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You can write, phone or e-mail us anytime at:

Mailing Address:
White Elk's Visions in Glass

Corporate Office
P.O. Box 215
Glen Haven, CO 80532

Studio Phone: 970-577-1546




If a day trip to the Colorado Rocky Mountains interests you,
our private studio is located just 7 miles north of Estes Park, or
1 hour from Boulder, Colorado.

Come and tour our hot glass studio, meet the artist and his family,
and take a peek at our mini-gallery, a collection of "Artist Masterpieces",
 as well as a few glass treasures, also known as prototypes and "Artist Seconds".

Call for an appointment and directions.
Be forewarned, we are in the boonies, you'll love it!!!

If you have a moment, please visit our family page:
"About the Artist and Family"




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