Hand Blown Glass from

White Elk's Visions in Glass

"Serenity is not freedom from the storm,
but finding peace within it"
 - Unknown

Available Color Series
 (and artist interpretations)

All pieces can be created in any of the colors seen throughout our entire web site.
(custom colors available upon request)


"Rainbow Series"
(Accepting the light and gifts from the great spirit and
returning those gifts as freely as they have been received)

"Sacred Rainbow", "Rainbow Shards"

"Into the Night" series
(Exploring the unconscious where imaginations are realized...)

"Into the Light" series
(A baptism of spirit with light)

"Night Dance" series
(A vision into the mystical cosmic dance)

"Aurora Borealis" series
(Electrical celestial dances)

"Orion's Nebula" series
(Captured in glass, the mysteries of our expanding galaxies)

"Eagle Nebula" series
(A window into deep space exploration...)

"Spiritual Faith" series
(Knowing love is the full circle...)

"Heartwood" series
(A study of our wooded friends)

"Healing Waters" series
(Receiving grace through the nurturing waters of mother earth)

"Maya" series
(The fire created by the dancing of opposites)

"Dried Rose" series
(The gift of giving unconditional love for all time)

"Pastel Rose Series" series
(Exploring the different forms and levels of Love)

"Pink Rose", "Blue Rose, "Purple Rose", "Coral Rose", "Yellow Rose", "White Rose"

"Golden Moments" series
(Celebrating the most precious moments of life’s dance)

"Zen" series
(The practice of becoming as a little child)

"Zen-Purple/Teal" , "Yin-Yang/Black & White" , "Fire & Water -Red/Blue"

"Jewel Tones" series
(Creating harmonic vibrations for the system)

Reds (cranberrys), Orange, Yellows (golds, ambers),
Greens (teals), Blues (marines, cobalts,) Purples (violets)

Simple color philosophies and translations

Reds - The power of the physical universe
Oranges - The gathering of family
Yellows - The intellect to govern
Golds - The blessings of wisdom
Greens - Security & confidence
Blues- The blessings of devotion
Purples - Visions of intuition
Violets - The gift of imagination
White - Purity
Black - Having faith in the use of the "wisdom of uncertainty"


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